Religious Studies/Values

The school's mission is to instruct, socialize and provide qualifications. To accomplish this, it must broaden horizons, develop talents and provide the tools needed for each individual to live with others and to relate to God in a free and responsible way. Religion taught in the classes comprises the reflection of those values that are fully human as lived by Jesus Christ who can be model in life.

The program will allow the student to:
- acquire or consolidate, if applian understanding of how all individuals are equal in terms of right and dignity
- learn to reflect on issues as justice, happiness, laws and rules
- ask himself or herself questions such as: What value should guide people in their relationships in society? What are the characteristics of acceptable and unacceptable behavior? How can these behaviours be recognized?
- explore different ways various religious heritage is present in his/her immediate or broader environment
- learn about elements of other religious traditions present in their neighborhood
- grow and develop in a society in which different values and beliefs coexist

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