Students organization

Students elect democratically and independently their leaders. They form a link with the school administration. The leaders of the students work through 8 department headed by prefects. They meet regularly every month. Head Boy, Head Girl, Secretary

Departments, formed by 5 students with a head prefect:
- It deals with clubs activities and is concerned with the academic welfare of the students
- It encourages students to cultivate self-discipline and be attentive to the school regulations and the needs of others.
Environment and Cleanness:
- It makes sure that the school environment is clean and students be aware of the importance of cleanness and the upgrade of the school environment
Health and Food:
- It deals with the wellness of the students and quantity and quality of the food provided by the school
Defence and Security:
- It deals with the security of students property
Sports and Entertainment:
- It enhances all students participation in sports activities and prepare the bimonthly talents day show
Store keepers:
- It deals about keeping safe all school tools used in teaching and work
Time keepers:
- It is concerned in keeping the timetable of all school activities

Holistic Formation

The first weekend of each month is dedicated to seminars and training program for all students according to their classes. The program is directed by the leaders of the PAMOJA YOUTH ORGANIZATION (PAYO). The program intends to accompany youth in the process of life skill building. According to UNICEF “life skill refer to a large group of psychosocial and interpersonal skills that can help people make informed decisions, communicate effectively, and develop coping and self-management skills that may help them lead a healthy and productive life. Life skills mat be directed toward personal actions and actions toward others, as well as actions to change the surrounding environment to make it conducive to healthy life”.

The general objectives of the program are:
- Strengthening the students knowledge and skills in the areas of personality development and life skills
- To enable an protect students against risky behaviors that could expose to HIV & AIDS or addictions of any kind – substance, sex, etc.
- To empower students to contribute positively to society and making themselves and those around them happy
- To provide opportunities to learn about themselves and God’s role in their life

Want to join Us?

We welcome students of all classes, both gender and of all religions,