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The Missionaries of the Precious Blood belong to a missionary Congregation started in Rome, Italy, by St. Gaspar del Bufalo on August 15, 1815. For St. Gaspar, the Blood of Jesus is the source of true life. He wanted his followers to bring this new life to the Church and the Society dedicating themselves to a ministry of solidarity and service to others. Soon the Congregation expanded in different countries of Europe, North and South America and Asia.

The Missionaries of the Precious Blood came to Tanzania in 1966, in Singida Region. From the very beginning, they dedicated themselves to religious and social work opening missions, initiating trade schools, hospital and dispensaries, starting projects of water and agriculture. They now work in different regions of Tanzania and to the initial projects they have added new projects, in the fields of education and communications. John Merlini Secondary School and St. Gaspar Pre and Primary School are part of this development. Both were envisioned and started by Br. Anthony Canterucci, mission director of the Atlantic Province (Canada) of the Missionaries of the Precious Blood.

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P. O. Box 2010 Miyuji Dodoma, Tanzania

Email: jmerlinisec@gmail.com

Phone: +255 766 939 536


The mission of Merlini Secondary School is to provide a quality education and graduate young men and women of any faith with good intellectual capacities and to help them to develop fully their human, intellectual and spiritual talents to achieve a mature personality. Merlini Sec. School gives priority to St. Gaspar Std VII leavers who have graduated with average of A and come from Miyuji - Msalato Wards of Dodoma Municipality.


The vision of Merlini Sec. School is to develop young men and women to be:

Insightful with Good Judgment.

Committed to become able to reflect personally and with others and to assess and evaluate what they learn in the context of today’s world.


Discovering that fullness of life is with God and the service of others at the center.

Concerned for Justice.

Dedicated to a life of relationship and solidarity with others, recognizing that none is a “stranger” but all are equal and have the same dignity as brothers and sisters.

Implementing Mwal. J.K. Nyerere vision.

Education must work for the common good, foster co-operation and promote equality.

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We welcome students of all classes, both gender and of all religions,