Jul 17, 2020


"Obstacles don't have to stop you, if you run into a wall, don't turn around and give up. Figure out to climb it, go through it, or walk around it" - Michael Jordan

The above phrase reminds us of what has happened, the world corona pandemic that has sriked the world after a dacade of silence and harmony, we can call it a problem or an obstacle since the world stood still for a while. Overall the world most of places with interactions and people's movement were limited to control the rate and gravity of spread. we have seen big companies closing down, beaches, worshiping houses, some countries with partial and other total lockdown, we are the witness of death trolling up everyday.

The spread of the pandemic has affected the social and economical and lives of people globally, the lockdown has left many without job hence individual economic status has become an issue on discussion, people stayed locked inside resulting to low production of both non and consumable goods in many parts of the world.

Apart from these effects, eduactional institutions were among the affected area, total closing of these institutions was an obligation, schools were among them, the purpose of this was to ensure everyone is safe and it helped reducing the spread of disease while students were laging far behind the school academic calendar hence behind the curriculum implementation. The introduction of online and internet studies culture was something difficult to adapt, it was a challenging task to both teachers and students due to internet accessibility and lack of proper devices for the programs, furthermore to some it wasn't easy due exposure on the oparation of devices. All of these were the challenges bringing new constructive ways for communication between teachers and students at home.

According to authentic information from medical researches in the country it shows we are in the stage of low flat curve of spread, therefore low risk of infection spread, technically speaking the spread isn't intense as compared to other parts of the globe. taking these information positively precautions is not an option, its a must do thing and we are serious on that.

With the presence of the pandemic opening places with high risk of spread, places like schools, stadium and flight was a long dabate in discussion, guaranting the health and safety of everyone it was nearly impossible. Currently many places are getting to normal, re-opening of different places is on its progression. Schools are back to normal schedule, getting new experience at school with teachers, students as well as parents; its a challenging time since parents are a bit worried and nervous concernng the safety of their children, teachers are doing their tireless effort to help students adapt the precautionary culture while they have to make sure curriculum implementation is active. school management team is doing whatever its supposed to be done to ensure teachers, students and supporting staff stay safe and perfom their daily activities as it is ordered.

we are delighted to welcome back our students and teachers as well, so that we continue with learning and teaching process at our schools.


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