Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics)

The scientific curiosity, the “going further still” is the base of the learning and improvement of comprehension of scientific principles. This help the students to observe, admire and respect the nature and be ready to the exposure of reality and today’s challenges such as HIV/AIDS, environmental changes, current diseases, ecological conservation. The openness of their mind and spirit allows them to gain enough knowledge and scientific competence as well as positive attitudes for sustainable development.

The department make sure that:
- Biology, Chemistry and Physics as subjects are taught according to the respective syllabus
- Students are active in clubs created for them to develop the understanding of these scientific subjects.
- Practical classes are scheduled in the laboratories
- Students make the projects assigned to them in these subjects
- Meetings are held monthly
- Make consultation with the students
- Participate in activities directed by NECTA and in subjects panel meeting organized by the school

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Biology, Chemistry, Physics


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